SPI-Connects 5015 Commercial


SPI-Connects 5015 offers a full range of Commercial Mil-5015 Connectors and accessories. Their product line is focused on being fully RoHS compliant and is designed and manufactured to take on harsh and rugged environments. Their 5015 connectors feature a threaded coupling system and are available with either solder or crimp contacts.

The SPI-Connects 5015 connector series is well suited for use in a wide range of industrial applications including rail, mass transit, industrial machinery, robotics, ground vehicles, off road vehicles, earth moving vehicles, solar and telecommunication systems.


  • Threaded or reverse bayonet (ruggedized) coupling.
  • Wide choice of body styles and back fittings.
  • Standard 5015 insert arrangements.
  • Olive green, black anodized, or nickel plating.


SPI-Connects is a privately held company that has grown into a leading manufacturer of military and commercial interconnect products. They focus is on lowering their customers’ overall costs while improving the quality of the components they rely on. They proudly supply the U.S. Military with a range of QPL products as well as products for the Industrial, Traffic Control, and Oil & Gas markets.

Connector Tech LLC offers a variety of value added services for the SPI-Connects line of connectors. Please contact us to discuss these options.

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