Connector Tech LLC carries a wide range of products from manufacturers SOURIAU-SUNBANK Connection Technologies, SPI-Connects and Detoronics. Military, commercial, 26482, 38999, 5015. We specialize in connectors for harsh environment applications. We carry a large variety of connectors in a variety of shapes, sizes and applications.

Connector Tech LLC

At Connector Tech LLC, in addition to the manufacturers Esterline – Souriau, SPI-Connects and Detoronics, has its own RDC cap and Envirotec line of products. Connector Tech LLC is a mil-qualified assembly distributor. We have over a quarter of a century of experience in the assembly of a wide range of the Souriau,  SPI and Detoronics product lines. As a value-added distributor with an extensive inventory of components, we have the flexibility to get you the product you need within a very short lead time.

SOURIAU-SUNBANK Connection Technologies

SOURIAU-SUNBANK Connection Technologies is a world leader in the harsh environment interconnect solutions market. They have a strong culture of operational excellence. Composed of two highly respected interconnect brands, SOURIAU and SUNBANK. Esterline Connection Technologies is a global designer, manufacturer and supplier of high-performance and high-reliability interconnect products. These include connectors, backshells, conduits, cable assemblies, contacts and custom interconnect solutions.

SPI - Connects

SPI-Connects is a privately held company that has grown into a leading manufacturer of military and commercial interconnect products. They focus is on lowering their customers’ overall costs while improving the quality of the components they rely on. They proudly supply the U.S. Military with a range of QPL products as well as products for the Industrial, Traffic Control, and Oil & Gas markets.


Detoronics manufactures a full range of glass-to-metal hermetically sealed components with proven reliability for both military and commercial applications. They design highly reliable hermetic connectors to function under extreme environmental conditions, including being critical components of projects for the U.S. military and space programs. They work with the world’s leading companies providing unsurpassed hermetic sealing and connectivity.