Souriau-Sunbank 8D Series (MIL-DTL-38999 Series III)


Available in 5 high end materials and 5 platings, our Souriau-Sunbank 8D series connectors with PCB contacts fit all the corrosion, shock, endurance or firewall capability you will encounter. The patented self-locking system and the metallic contact retention clip technology make the product perfect for high vibration applications or rough handling in the field. Designed with a double flange version, 8D PCB connectors are suited to withstand very high vibration, protection against micro-cuts, contact breaking and are available with square flange or jam nut fixing system. PCB contacts with or without shoulder, tin or gold plated, signal or coax, there is certainly a version for you. 8D PCB connectors offer concrete RoHS alternative to cadmium. Souriau-Sunbank Connection Technologies has more than 10 years of experience in producing Zn Ni with continuous improvements to comply with military and aerospace harsh environment conditions. Our Zn Ni connectors are the first one to be qualified by US Defense standards organization (DLA Land and Maritime). It provides you the most cost effective solution for a cadmium alternative finish.


  • Available in 5 high end materials and 5 platings
  • Double flange version
  • RoHS alternative to cadmium
  • Patented self-locking system
  • Metallic contact retention clip technology


Souriau-Sunbank Connection Technologies is a world leader in the harsh environment interconnect solutions market. They have a strong culture of operational excellence. Composed of two highly respected interconnect brands, SOURIAU and SUNBANK. Souriau-Sunbank Connection Technologies is a global designer, manufacturer and supplier of high-performance and high-reliability interconnect products. These include connectors, backshells, conduits, cable assemblies, contacts and custom interconnect solutions.

Connector Tech LLC offers a variety of value added services for the Souriau-Sunbank Connection Technologies line of Souriau connectors. Please contact us to discuss these options.

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