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Mil-C-38999 Filters


High density filter connectors for all military and aeronautical purposes


MIL-C 38999 circular filter connectors are widely used in military and aeronautical applications. They are suitable for severe operating conditions. These connectors are based directly on standard specifications. They are intermeatable and interchangeable as to the mounting with standard connectors of the same series.

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  • Filter connectors have been developed from standard specifications. They are interchangeable as to the mounting and intermateable with standard connectors of the same series.
  • Different types of contacts can be fitted in these connectors : filter, non filter, ground contacts. The filter contacts attenuate signals in different frequency ranges from approximately 100 kHz.
  • Capacitive and inductive components used for filtering are made of metallized ceramics and ferrites respectively. They have the shape of tubes inserted individually on to each contact, or planar arrays over all the connector contacts.
  • Mechanical design and 100% testing carried out in production ensure a high level of quality to Souriau filter connectors.

General characteristics

  • Voltage rating : 200 Vdc or 100 Vdc, according to filter type.
  • Current rating : 5 A, 7.5 A or 13 A according to contact type.
  • Filters : capacitive, L or π filters from 100 pF up to 0.1 μF.